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Friday, April 26, 2019
  • Microsoft Bing Ads UI Gets 'Massive' Upgrade, Better Access

    Microsoft is making its advertising products more accessible to those with physical and emotional impairments and reaching out to marketers and agency reps to … Read the whole story

  • YouTube Influencers Finding New Challenges

    A recent survey of YouTube creators found their annual earnings continue to fall and newcomers are faced with hurdles to achieve success. Read the whole story

  • FAA Certifies Alphabet's Wing For Drone Deliveries

    The FAA certification means Wing can start a commercial service delivering goods to U.S. homes from local merchants. Read the whole story

  • GoDaddy Shuts Down Subdomains Selling Miracle Cures

    Attackers sent emails linking to websites promoting worthless goods. Included were fraudulent celebrity endorsements. Read the whole story

  • From Duopoly To Trilogy -- Why Is Amazon Not Taken More Seriously?

    Amazon's rise is played down -- but it knows what customers bought, not just what they were looking for. Read the whole story