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Thursday, April 30, 2020
  • Google Blocked 100 Bad Ads Per Second In 2019

    Google released its 2019 transparency report Thursday, outlining its actions to stop fraudulent online activities and protect advertisers, publishers and people searching for information. Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Surpasses $10 Billion Net Income On $35 Billion in Q1 2020 Revenue

    Cloud services helped Microsoft achieve its revenue goals, and COVID-19 had a "minimal net impact on the total company revenue," a company announcement says. Read the whole story

  • Google, Budweiser, Ford: How COVID-19 Messages In Ads Performed

    Brand recall for COVID-19-themed ads fell slightly below the norm, but simplistic messaging encouraging engagement drove the highest brand recall. Read the whole story

  • GfK, Dstillery Reimagine Automotive Ad Targeting

    GfK and Dstillery believe they have developed an ad-targeting model that strongly supports automotive advertisers as changing consumer behavior plays an increasingly important role … Read the whole story

  • Google Purchase Of Fitbit Deserves Close Look, Advocates Say

    "Given Google's existing dominance in the gathering and monetizing of consumer data, we believe its proposed acquisition of Fitbit deserves careful scrutiny and should … Read the whole story

  • Spotify: Pandemic Altering App Usage Patterns

    As the pandemic persists, people report relying more on audio to counteract their increased levels of stress and anxiety. Read the whole story