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Thursday, January 7, 2021
  • Pinterest A Safe Haven For Brands As They Reportedly Cut Budgets Amidst Turmoil

    Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter will feel the recoil as brands pull ad budgets amidst negative news reports and posts on platforms. But not all … Read the whole story

  • As Cookie Nears End, Interest Piques For Clickstream Analytics

    "Clickstream analytics" has seen an uptick in intent among brands. We can infer from this data that brands are reacting to the impending demise … Read the whole story

  • Customers For Life: LTV Is Now The Top Ecommerce Metric, Study Shows

    Most brands are increasing their ecommerce budgets and headcounts this year, Namogoo and Astound Commerce report. Read the whole story

  • 115-Year-Old AAF Gets A Branding Makeover

    The American Advertising Federation, America's oldest national ad trade association, Wednesday unveiled a new brand identity, including a more modern logo design (see above … Read the whole story

  • Who's On First? Why Mobile Increasingly Isn't My 'Second Screen'

    Every new medium gets on base by comparing itself to the most established one, which is why mobile has been dubbed the "second screen" … Read the whole story