• No More Publishers At Time Inc. -- Why? COO Mark Ellis Explains
    Mark Ellis, Time Inc. president and chief operating officer for sales and marketing, says eliminating the publisher title ("antiquated, because it denoted a print-centric company") highlights Time Inc.'s movement to becoming a digital-first entity.
  • U.S. Publishers Must Cooperate To Compete
    For every new dollar of digital advertising budget spent in Q1 of 2016, Google and Facebook earned 85 cents, according to Brian Nowak, a Morgan Stanley analyst cited in the New York Times. This stat should serve as a wake-up call for the hundreds of high-quality content publishers competing with these giants. Google and Facebook may not look like typical content companies, but they are beating publishers by playing a totally different game.
  • PR And Media Sales: Worlds Colliding
    The media business, in the face of competition from Facebook and Google, is fighting for attention, eyeballs and advertising dollars. And the challenges facing media sellers are becoming increasingly more complex, as our focus shifts from targeting audience "segments" to reaching individuals. How can marketers and media brands continue to serve and succeed?
  • WhoSay's Rob Gregory: How To Survive As A Digital Publisher
    When I got in touch with Rob Gregory, WhoSay's president of sales and marketing, the first words he used to describe the state of the digital publishing industry were "unprecedented," "scary" and "existential crisis."
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