• Content: The Crown Jewel of Premium
    The growth of the digital landscape has fueled a contentious debate over what exactly premium inventory is. Programmatic buyers can use data targeting and inventory quality signals to sniff out a bot or determine viewability. To some, this means premium; to others, premium depends simply on audience size. However, both of these perspectives miss the target when it comes to defining truly premium inventory: content.
  • Millennial Trends, Ad Effectiveness Programs: Q&A With Meredith's Jon Werther
    Jon Werther, president of Meredith's National Media Group, answers queries about guaranteed ad effectiveness programs, the future of print, and more.,
  • Succeeding In A Distributed Platform Reality
    Leveraging distributed platforms has become a key growth mechanism for most digital media companies. In the past, content distribution was controlled by media conglomerates, who owned large groups of television stations, radio stations, newspapers (national and local) and magazines. Many would say they also controlled the conversation. Today, the content creation voices are vast, and there is an abundance of distribution options: traditional media, social media platforms, news aggregators, messaging apps, and syndication on other Web sites. Content creators have a choice, and the distribution path they select is pivotal to achieve success.
  • IDG CEO On Future Of Digital Display Ads & How To Transition To Digital
    Can digital display advertising continue to be profitable for publishers? Only if it evolves, according to Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Communications. "I predict it will be the new print," he said.
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