• How Publishers Gain Bargaining Power As New Platforms Enter Ad Market
    After a long stretch of publisher submission to Google and Facebook, the rising competition between digital platforms is good news for publishers. However, publishers must not waste time on bad deals or spread themselves too thin, or they will lose their opportunity to increase revenue from the broader array of content distribution options in front of them.
  • Are Publishers The New Quarterbacks?
    One solution being undertaken by more brands is to consolidate budgets in the hands of strategic publisher partners. They can serve as a "quarterback" for the entire initiative, helping coordinate the various players supporting a campaign.
  • Daily Beast's Dyer On The Importance Of Investing In Journalists
    While some publishers are turning to social media platforms as a way to distribute their content to new audiences, Mike Dyer, president and publisher of The Daily Beast, relies heavily on his own journalists and platform to build the brand. "Our journalists and their expertise are our single best source for building a consumer-facing brand," he said.
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