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Monday, January 30, 2012
  • Hyundai To Entertain In Super Bowl

    A 60-second spot in the ad pod shoe-horned right before kickoff, the company is doing a slightly more offbeat approach to what it did … Read the whole story

  • New Sponsors Join 'Celebrity Apprentice' For 12th Season

    One of the original big-ticket branded entertainment-connected TV shows, "Celebrity Apprentice" has announced a new slate of in-show sponsors: food company Kraft, drug retailer, … Read the whole story

  • Digital Hispanics Are Best Multitaskers

    the LMX Hispanic study, a yearly poll of 2000 U.S. Hispanic digital respondents by Ipsos MediaCT, found that digital Hispanics now spend 42% of … Read the whole story

  • Give Viewers What They Really Want: Much Less

    Less programming usually means more viewers -- especially for sports and reality shows. ESPN is reporting that, through 14 NBA games, its total viewers … Read the whole story

  • Playing To Win

    "Average is over," Thomas Friedman wrote last Wednesday in the New York Times, and it may well have been the headline of the week. … Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl Ad Stats

    According to the Kantar Media database, in the last 10 years the Super Bowl game has generated $1.72 billion of network advertising sales from … Read the whole story