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Monday, January 30, 2012
  • Hyundai To Entertain In Super Bowl

    A 60-second spot in the ad pod shoe-horned right before kickoff, the company is doing a slightly more offbeat approach to what it did ... Read the whole story

  • New Sponsors Join 'Celebrity Apprentice' For 12th Season

    One of the original big-ticket branded entertainment-connected TV shows, "Celebrity Apprentice" has announced a new slate of in-show sponsors: food company Kraft, drug retailer, ... Read the whole story

  • Digital Hispanics Are Best Multitaskers

    the LMX Hispanic study, a yearly poll of 2000 U.S. Hispanic digital respondents by Ipsos MediaCT, found that digital Hispanics now spend 42% of ... Read the whole story

  • Give Viewers What They Really Want: Much Less

    Less programming usually means more viewers -- especially for sports and reality shows. ESPN is reporting that, through 14 NBA games, its total viewers ... Read the whole story

  • Playing To Win

    "Average is over," Thomas Friedman wrote last Wednesday in the New York Times, and it may well have been the headline of the week. ... Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl Ad Stats

    According to the Kantar Media database, in the last 10 years the Super Bowl game has generated $1.72 billion of network advertising sales from ... Read the whole story