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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  • Nielsen Explores Facial Recognition Tech For Ratings

    Facial recognition technology has been around for years. But only recently has it been incorporated into TV sets by smart TV manufacturers like LG, … Read the whole story

  • Coke Previews 2013 Super Bowl Campaign

    The creative premise of the campaign, from Weiden + Kennedy, is that three groups of people are lost in the desert -- "cowboys," "showgirls" … Read the whole story

  • Telemundo Taps Rosen As EVP, Ad Sales

    Senior Starcom MediaVest executive Mike Rosen is moving to NBCUniversal's Telemundo Media. As executive vice president of ad sales and integrated marketing, he is … Read the whole story

  • To Release Or Not To Release Before Game Day

    "The Super Bowl has become like those old carnival barkers competing for your attention," says JP Aguirre, communication strategy director at Goodby, Silverstein & … Read the whole story

  • ABC Uses East/West Feeds For 'Taste'

    ABC will use separate feeds of its new cooking competition series "The Taste" in order to integrate both the Hellmann's and Best Foods brands. … Read the whole story

  • Pivotal Analyst: CBS Should Buy Sony

    Brian Wieser, senior research analyst of the Pivotal Research Group, says CBS would do well if it purchased Sony, which he calls "a very … Read the whole story

  • Rentrak Touts New Logo, Added Metrics Reach

    Rentrak refers to itself as the leader in capturing video-on-demand viewership. And it plugs an ability to attach audience demographics to consumption patterns. With … Read the whole story

  • Live Music Means Singing In Full Sight And Sound Even When Imperfect

    Please give me more lip-syncing -- just add a little bit of honest messaging. We all know Beyonce Knowles can sing -- but maybe … Read the whole story