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Thursday, October 22, 2015
  • Media Trading Volume Expands, Reaches Highest September Yet

    Madison Avenue's trading volume climbed nearly 17% in September -- reaching its highest point ever for the month, according to the latest installment of … Read the whole story

  • TV Bigwigs Debate Data, Industrywide Groups

    How often does one go to a sales-oriented conference and hear panelists rhapsodize about data? Never before in my corporate lifetime as a researcher … Read the whole story

  • B2B Marketers Still Struggle To Integrate Video, Email

    The vast majority of B2B marketers utilize online video, but only 50% incorporate video into email marketing, according to a study. That means marketers … Read the whole story

  • Comcast Finally Looking To Share Its Valuable Set-Top Data?

    The biggest cable TV company, Comcast, seems as if it's finally willing to license its valuable set-top box data. But will this be too … Read the whole story

  • Hulu Opens Doors To Programmatic Advertising

    The wait is over -- Hulu's programmatic advertising went live. An ad frequency cap will be maintained through the process, and the company will … Read the whole story

  • Video Auctions: The Real Price Of Bidding Without Paying

    Programmatic sale of video advertising today is structured in a way that encourages a highly problematic form of "arbitrage." What most people do not … Read the whole story

  • A Global Sport With Global Business Impact

    Soccer is a global phenomenon and it is the one sport that transcends national, cultural, religious, and gender boundaries; and socio-economic groups. More people … Read the whole story

  • Twitter CEO Stirs Hope For Politwoops' Return

    This summer, Twitter stirred controversy by making it easier for politicians to bury their ill-advised tweets. Read the whole story