Results for September 2006

Interactive's Attractions Grow For Moviemakers And Marketers
Speaking at a roundtable discussion this week, Peter Jackson, filmmaker and icon to sci-fi/fantasy dorks around the world, summed up his reasons for moving away from the movie industry and towards the gaming industry: "I'm a little bored of movies," he said....» 0 Comments
MTV's Sweet Harmony
MTV today announced it will acquire Harmonix, the developers of the wildly successful "Guitar Hero." This is a great buy for MTV; "Guitar Hero" is one of the budding crop of games with serious appeal to non-gamers.» 0 Comments
Looking Ahead To Major Launches
This week, while the gaming community was abuzz over the announced November launch date and price of the Nintendo Wii, rumors surfaced that the Playstation 3 was working with gaming social networking service Xfire on the Playstation Network Platform (PNP), Sony's putative answer to Xbox Live.» 0 Comments
A Fistful Of Play Dollars
It was a simple plan. Dentara Rast, a space pirate about to hit the big time, operating with his accomplice Cally (no last name), ran a fraudulent investment house--the Eve Interstellar Bank--and, after amassing a truly massive sum of money by paying early returns out of new investments, transferred all the bank's funds to Rast, and made off with it all.» 0 Comments
Virtual Politicking
Yesterday afternoon, Mark Warner, the former governor of Virginia, flew onto the stage of a meet-and-greet, to be interviewed about his political action committee, Forward Together. Though the ability to fly around like Superman would probably play well with the American electorate, it's fairly commonplace in the constituency Warner was playing to--the populace of "Second Life," Linden Lab's groundbreaking online world.» 0 Comments