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How To Avoid Outrage For In-Game Ads
Last week, my fellow columnist Shankar Gupta noted the loading time debacle with "Wipeout HD"'s in-game ads. The story is a frightening one for marketers unfamiliar with the gaming space. What was essentially a 10-second mistake resulted in the early termination of a campaign and loads of upset customers. Is the gaming space really so unpredictable and volatile?» 0 Comments
Players TKO In-Game Ads
In-game ads are a relatively new online ad option, and so the best practices are still being determined.» 0 Comments
EA: A Market Trend?
Electronic Arts is shaking things up and leading by example. The video game company seems to be evolving a new approach to game publishing, one that promises a cross-platform distribution model fortified against piracy.» 0 Comments