Results for October 2006

Nivea's Attempt At Gaming Ads Is A Wash
As a supporter of the idea of in-game advertising, I'm happy to see big brands getting involved in the medium. But campaigns in games have to pass the laugh test, and sadly, Nivea's recent game advertising effort doesn't quite hack it.» 0 Comments
Education Needed To Counteract Gamers' Distrust Of Advertising
This week, in-game ad firm IGA was put in hot water by rumors that the advertising technology placed in the highly anticipated "Battlefield 2142" monitored users' browsing habits to target in-game ads, which take the form of billboards and posters strewn around the war-torn, futuristic cityscapes of the game world.» 0 Comments
Massive Mag Banks On Genre's Popularity
There are magazines about everything--cigar smoking, thug life,unidentified flying objects--and now for one of the most popular genres in gaming, massively multiplayer online games.» 0 Comments
Video Game Act Fails To Understand Medium
The gaming industry's legislative woes continue, as our duly elected representatives demonstrate that they care about the nation's children with the "Truth in Video Game Rating Act." This kind of moral posturing is expected in an election year. Video games are an easy target to score points in the family-values column--however ill-informed the effor.t» 0 Comments