• New Study Puts AI In The Fast Lane
    If you doubt artificial intelligence is bringing a tsunami of change to a wide array of industries, business functions, and consumer experiences, this piece of intelligence should set you straight: "Amplifying Human Potential Towards Purposeful Artificial Intelligence" was released by the global technology services and consulting firm Infosys this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The report points to a high level of activity in large global organizations to adopt and implement AI technologies. There are implications for marketers that should get your competitive juices flowing.
  • Appoint An AI Czar: It's Later Than You Think
    Just because the constant acceleration of technology advancement has become cliche doesn't mean you're prepared. You may think that's OK because everyone is in the same boat, right? Wrong. Some big companies are already way ahead. And the gap between you and the leaders is getting bigger every day. .If you're an agency of any size or a marketer in anything bigger than a small business, it's a little way past time to get very serious about AI.
  • AI, Big Data And Ethics
    AI ethics makes my brain hurt. The issues and questions are that big. Never mind corporate behavior; people, governments, policies and global geopolitics will all evolve differently depending on how we answer those questions. My brain is hurting right now. But if you're a marketer planning to use AI, you're going to hurt a lot more than your brain if you don't start examining the ethical questions.