• Watson Says I'm 'Shrewd, Somewhat Critical And Very Particular'
    If you believe the world's foremost (publicly available) artificial intelligence, I am much more intellectually curious, emotionally aware, sensitive to beauty and willing to try new things than just about all of you. Apparently, I'm also a bit of a boorish jerk: I value my own interests over yours, I'm extremely skeptical of your motives, I don't try to help others, and I take virtually no pleasure in life.
  • Great Artists Steal: The Promise Of Creative AI
    One particularly arresting moment in William Gibson's cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer, occurs toward the end when Case, the protagonist, meets the eponymous and anthropomorphized AI face-to-face.
  • AI Puts Data In Driver's Seat
    The days of advertising campaigns founded primarily on big creative ideas appear to be dwindling, and data is stepping up to play more of a leading role. A recent Forrester report written by Joe Stanhope, "AI Must Master the Basics Before It Can Transform Marketing," points to numerous ways we can expect content and creative to be more closely tied to data strategies in order to achieve "efficiency, smarter decisions, speed, continuous performance improvement, and customer journey optimization." In a conversation about the study, Stanhope said Forrester clients are asking for more ways to create content personalization, and AI tools …
  • I Informed You Thusly: Apple Accelerates AI For Marketers
    Analysts are still unpacking last weekend's Apple developer conference announcements, but here's the bottom line: The dramatic impact of artificial intelligence that I've been exhorting marketers to recognize and align with will happen even faster than I imagined.
  • Will You Let An AI 'Toddler' Be Your Brand Ambassador?
    Being a fast-follower may not work when it comes to artificial intelligence. That's a potentially huge problem for the vast majority of companies - the mainstream of American and global businesses that have watched and waited as wave after wave of new technologies emerged over the course of the last 20 years.