• The Scary Links Among AI, Data, Privacy -- And A $24M Fine
    The best kind of data to have is data about your audience of prospects - the more detailed and personal, the better. Marketers can use AI to analyze that data and better understand individual prospects, at scale. Therefore, collecting personally identifiable data on large audiences, and feeding that Big Data into machine-learning algorithms, offers marketers great power. Repeat after me: With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. Now the European Union has put a price on that cybersecurity responsibility: EUR20 million, or $23.6 million. That's the lowest possible mandatory maximum fine that can be levied against your company by the EU …
  • More Complexity Is A Good Thing -- Really
    Have you ever set out to add complexity to a problem or project? Probably not. In the history of business, the typical goal is to simplify, focus in, and define problems and solutions to be grasped and broken down into digestible pieces. However, some believe the increased pace of change is calling for deeper dives in shaping new solutions.