• AI Seconds That Emotion
    Multiple studies have shown that advertising geared toward stimulating an emotional response is significantly more effective than value-driven advertising. Brand marketers and agencies are using AI technology to measure the emotional effectiveness of their creative.
  • Watson Says I'm 'Shrewd, Somewhat Critical And Very Particular'
    If you believe the world's foremost (publicly available) artificial intelligence, I am much more intellectually curious, emotionally aware, sensitive to beauty and willing to try new things than just about all of you. Apparently, I'm also a bit of a boorish jerk: I value my own interests over yours, I'm extremely skeptical of your motives, I don't try to help others, and I take virtually no pleasure in life.
  • Esther Dyson Talks About AI, Real-World Issues
    When a friend introduced me to Esther Dyson -- technology thought leader and investor -- I jumped at the chance to ask about her ideas on AI.
  • Once More With Feeling: Just Do AI!
    I've written a lot of columns exhorting marketers to jump into artificial intelligence and learn it like their lives depend on it. Make that "livelihoods." You see, I know something you may not. After nearly four decades as a technology journalist, I observed firsthand the increasing tempo of tech-wrought change. And in the new world ruled by network effects, when a company falls behind, it's almost impossible to recover.