Next New Networks Launches Music Network

Verizon-99dollarmusicvideiositeWeb TV network creator Next New Networks today is expected to unveil a new online network for musical artists and groups to showcase videos created on a shoestring budget.

$99 Music Videos will attempt to give musicians and filmmakers the opportunity to produce and broadcast high-quality original music videos for no more than $99.

"We wanted to find a way to be useful to the musicians and their fans," said Tim Shey, co-founder and head of entertainment at Next New Networks. "And while there are others ways to experience this content online, we have the advantage of dedicating ourselves to it entirely."

Verizon FiOS has signed on as its exclusive launch partner, which will guarantee the brand run-of-site ad placement on the new network, along with branded vignettes during each "making of" segment that offer a look inside the $99 creation process.

The Verizon campaign messaging, "$99 music videos are best experienced with Verizon FiOS Internet," is designed to boost viewer awareness around Verizon's fiber-optic Internet service.

In addition, the campaign will include integrated branded sponsor elements within episodes that detail the making of each music video, as well as companion media placements and integrated sponsor graphics on the network Web site and distribution points such as the network's YouTube channel.

An independent producer of online TV networks, Next New Networks creates, packages, brands, markets and syndicates episodic programming for the Web. Since its inception in March 2007, the company has launched 16 networks--12 of which are still running and are regularly updated on a weekly basis.

"We've had to cut some networks that didn't work," said Shey, noting one in particular that was dedicated to brides. "It's all about the audience ... When we program networks based on what we thought was a great sponsorship opportunity, that doesn't work out so well."

But while Next New Networks is not particularly old, its team brings plenty of experience to the table, including company co-founder and creative director and MTV's original creative director, Fred Seibert; Felicia Williams, former entertainment content manager at YouTube and the company's director of creative development; and the series creator and executive producer, filmmaker Jack Ferry.

"Fred's been thinking about music for over 30 years," Shey added.

New videos will premiere every Thursday on the network's Web site, and distribution channels including YouTube, iTunes, and more.

Next New Networks and Verizon will also work together in creative ways to promote the series through channels like Verizon's Facebook fan page and communities on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, MySpace and Flickr.

The company's other "micro networks" include, a network for political reporting and commentary;, which is dedicated to comic book news and culture; daily auto news network Fast Lane Daily; DIY filmmaker network Indy Mogul; lifestyle network ThreadBanger; and the recently launched tech comedy network Barely Digital.

Headquartered in New York, Next New Networks is privately owned, with investors including Spark Capital, Goldman Sachs and Velocity Interactive.

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