Artists Tell Of Loyalty To Microphone Brand

Shure campaign-The WhoApparently, there's only one microphone brand Roger Daltrey chooses to swing above his head during Who shows: Shure.

Daltrey and his bandmate Pete Townshend are among about 15 artists featured in a new campaign for the microphone maker. The campaign--which also includes artists such as Brad Paisley, Maroon 5, G. Love, Martina McBride and the Black Crowes--looks to move beyond simple concert shots of artists using the product to a deeper place where artists can talk about their loyalty to the equipment, Shure director of global brand communications Terri Hartman tells Marketing Daily.

"It's a great way to remind the world of our importance to the artist," Hartman says of the campaign. "It's a great cross-marketing tool for us and it gives us a chance to give back to the artist."



The campaign has the working theme the "Reason Why," although it retains the company's tagline, "Legendary Performance." "Performers all over the world start with Shure and then stay with Shure throughout their careers," Hartman says. "Many of them say that they won't walk onstage unless there's a Shure microphone waiting for them. We're thrilled to be able to share their stories with aspiring performers worldwide."

Targeted to a wide range of people (from entry level to working professionals), the campaign is intended to give readers of musician magazines a glimpse "backstage" with a conversational tone, Hartman says. The ad featuring the surviving members of The Who, for instance, shows Townshend and Daltrey posed on equipment cases, and a quote from Daltrey: "These mics are the only ones I'll use." Body copy on the ads encourages consumers to log on to, where they can see a videotaped interview with the artist endorsers.

"We talk about how they use the microphones," Hartman says. "It gives insight into them as an artist."

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