The Good, The Bad, And The Privacy

Ever heard of fjorn? Well, it’s a Scandinavian blanket e-tailor, and, more to the point, its behavioral targeting technology provider is doing a great job, according to Emily Riley, senior analyst at Forrester Research. How does she know? Because, not long after she was browsing a particular product on the company’s Web site, that very product showed up in an ad on a MySpace page she just so happened to be browsing.

Does Riley, as a highly-educated consumer, mind the privacy invasion? Apparently not, and she’s pretty that’s the case with most consumers. “There’s a lot worse stuff out their than spying on consumers,” she said. “It’s not at the top of users minds.”

The threat, however, is that the press will draw consumers’ attention -- warranted or otherwise -- to the issue. “It’s at the hands of the media.”

The industry, therefore, need to make sure that integrity remains (becomes?) a top priority.

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