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MySpace Adds New Features, Reduces Ads

MySpace no longer receives as much press as Facebook and Twitter, but the News Corp. site is still one of the most popular sites on the Web. And, says Read Write Web, it continues to try to innovate with new products for users and advertisers. However, for some, new features like "status and moods" might be seen as "too little too late." After all, status updates have become the province of Twitter and Facebook.

Other new features are more useful. For example, MySpace is now offering music users a "Music Playlisting" feature that allows users to share playlists publicly the same way they could share songs in the past. The site has also added more than 90 new themes under "Profile 2.0", a feature designed to improve the layout and management of MySpace pages. There are also a slew of ho-hum new features. For example, MySpace is trying to become easier to use, by requiring fewer steps to getting things done. You can now also print practically everything on the site, or add more than one person in the To: line of a message.

These aren't groundbreaking new features, but they are new for MySpace, "and the MySpace community seems to be liking it," says RWW's Rick Turoczy. However, the most interesting part of the new feature announcement was a reduction in the number of ads users see, which Turoczy notes is "an interesting position for a company that finds its revenue by showing those advertisements."

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