Report: AT&T To Offer No-Contract iPhone

  • March 19, 2009
AT&T is set to begin offering the 3G iPhone without a contract but at unsubsidized pricing, according to a report from The Boy Genius Report.

The wireless operator will start selling the 8GB and 16GB iPhone to current subscribers for $599 and $699, respectively, without requiring them to sign a two-year contract or activate the device at the point of sale.

AT&T, however, will continue to require customers to sign up for an iPhone data plan if the phone is activated on its network. The carrier plans to limit sales of no-commitment-priced iPhone 3Gs to one per customer, according to the report.

AT&T did not respond to a media inquiry Thursday about the report of no-contract iPhone in the pipeline. Following Apple's announcement of a new iPhone operating system due out this summer, the report is likely to increase speculation that an upgraded version of the device will be unveiled later this year.--Mark Walsh

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