Mobile Traffic Up For CNBC Mobile Site

  • March 25, 2009
Jon Stewart's attacks on Jim Cramer and CNBC may have helped boost more than just the financial network's TV ratings. CNBC said Wednesday page views on its mobile site in March had surpassed 30 million--up more than 10-fold from 2.7 million from its launch in June 2008.

Most likely, the biggest factor behind CNBC's mobile traffic is the avid monitoring of financial markets that inspired the portfolio-destroying economic meltdown. The cable network itself points to its range of mobile offerings including real-time stock quotes, charts and updated news and analysis.

If the TV ratings are any guide, "Daily Show" host Stewart's skewering of CNBC for missing the economic crisis haven't hurt either. In the first two months of 2009, CNBC had an average of 282,00o viewers at any given time -- up from 264,000 a year ago, according to Nielsen.--Mark Walsh

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