Jack Link's Launches Meat Snack For Teens

Matador Leading beef jerky brand Jack Link's is launching Matador, a new meat snack positioned specifically for teens.

The one-ounce Matador jerky sticks, developed through extensive research with teens, feature a "snappy" texture and spicy flavor reflecting the "kick" that teens crave, reports Jeff LeFever, director of marketing at Jack Link's.

Some 41 million teens spend an estimated $350 million per year on meat snacks, according to the company.

The launch is being supported by an integrated action sports platform and dedicated advertising campaign.

The company will sponsor athletes in BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding. It will also partner with leading action sport events such as the 2009 Dew Tour, as well as with Camp Woodward, a leading action sports training camp.

Matador sticks, which are being sold in convenience stores nationwide, are priced at $.99 and feature easy-open packaging that fits with teens' active lifestyles.

Jack Link's confirmed that it plans to launch additional products under the Matador brand name later this year.



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