Post Shredded Wheat Celebrates Non-innovation

Post's Shredded Wheat A new campaign from Post Shredded Wheat promotes the product's lack of change as a virtue, turning the trend toward enhanced, "super ingredient" food and beverage products on its head.

Developed by Ogilvy, the campaign with the tagline "We Put the 'No' in Innovation" emphasizes that the cereal has been made with "one simple, honest ingredient" -- 100% natural whole grain wheat, since it was created 117 years ago.

"There's been a marked change in American values, with a greater desire for honesty, trustworthiness and security during a time of economic and societal uncertainly," Kelley Peters, director of integrated insights and strategy for Post Foods, tells Marketing Daily. "Post's marketing messages underscore that Shredded Wheat has always been a simple, honest brand, and one of the healthiest foods on the grocery shelf."



The campaign's 60- and 30-second television spots, newspaper and magazine print and banner advertising drive viewers to, featuring a series of humorous Webisodes involving a fictitious Post Shredded Wheat Co. CEO named Frank Druffel. The vignettes focus on the lengths to which Druffel is willing to go to maintain the product exactly as is.

The campaign is scheduled to begin Sunday and run through Aug. 31. Print media include the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Parade, USA Weekend, Spry, AARP The Magazine, Health, Real Simple , The Week and Time. Broadcast media include CBS, ABC, NBC ("Meet The Press" and "NBC Nightly News"), CNN, MSNBC, USA Network, TNT, TBS and TV Land.

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