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Hamburgers, Ice Cream, Coffee Come To Life On Dixie

Georgia Pacific/Dixie A new brand campaign from Georgia-Pacific for Dixie features popular food items that come to life to expound on the virtues of being served on Dixie.

The multimedia campaign, launched by the company's Professional Food Services Solutions, includes three main characters -- Hamburger, Coffee and Ice Cream -- which give customers a first-hand look at what it is like "going out on Dixie."

The campaign includes print, interactive and video elements. Beginning in June, the print ads will appear in vertical foodservice magazines such as QSR, Restaurants & Institutions and Nation's Restaurant News.

Character videos and photos can be found at Dixie's YouTube and Flikr channels as well as a new Dixie Web site The YouTube and Flikr presences are part of a social media campaign being coordinated through agency Howard, Merrell & Partners, says G-P spokesperson Michelle Wagner.



There are two videos for each character; one is called "feature" and the other "sales call." In the feature video for Hamburger, a consumer takes a bite of a hamburger and puts it back on the plate. The bun slides off to reveal the character's face, which is that of a middle-aged man. "Check me out on this Dixie Ultra Paper Plate," the Hamburger says. Nice, huh? It's got a soak-proof shield. You can cut on it. You can put it in the microwave, for crying out loud. It's multi-layered luxury with a new rim design that makes it stronger than ever. I feel like a filet mignon here." The sales call video is more of a direct sales pitch.

The campaign launches this weekend at the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago, Wagner says. "This is the largest annual event for the foodservice segment and a major forum for our customers," she said. "As a sponsor with NRA, we have an exclusive to run these campaign spots and publicize the Web site on the buses that transport the attendees to the show." The trade show is expected to draw in excess of 70,000 attendees and participants this year.

The campaign's creative evolved from the idea that no one knows Dixie products better than the food itself, said John Mulcahy, Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions vice president, in a statement. "The new campaign captures our unique understanding that in the foodservice industry the little things make the biggest difference in a guest's experience," he said. "It just happens to come from the perspective of food and drinks."

The other characters include Coffee, "a smooth talking beverage who resides in a Dixie insulated cup with triple-wall construction and insulated middle layer that is 99% recycled fiber. He talks about how the cup keeps users cool while the coffee stays hot. Ice Cream is "a passionate, sweet-talking, matter-of-fact scoop of ice cream who touts the Dixie SmartStock cutlery dispenser for single use cutlery at the press of a lever." It is easy to use and improves hygiene by reducing consumer touchpoints, according to the character.

In addition to the main characters, the Web site includes "Testimonials from friends" such as "Swedish Meatball" who resides in Stockholm, N.J. and writes this fan letter: "Ja, not having every one touching the fork that touches me is very good, ya know. Just push a lever and boop! SmartStock cutlery dispensers deposits one fork at a time. Tack you, Dixie. Tack you very much."

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