Miscelaneous Notes On Social Media With Josh Stylman

So I just learned that the backroom of Coffee Shop is not the best place to blog, or even microblog. At least not if Verizon is your carrier. No signal there, so not sure how many of Josh Stylman's pearls that I lost attempting to do so, but he had some good things to say.

Right now, Wieser has suggested that if he ever does something like this again, he'll try to get a "b-to-b entity" to sponsor it, just so he can figure out what kind of value they get out of it.

Stylman said the key is to look at it as part of an integrated "campaign" that is tied to other media, and events. He suggested that the right way to have done this, would have been for Wieser to have blogged the even repeatedly prior to doing it, to ensure that the community had maximum awareness and interest around it.


"It's about the data, and our ability to tie it back," Stylman said talking about the importance of the social media data stream. -30-

"It's all about streams," Stylman says.

Natural communities form, and data streams form around them. And that is the opportunity for agencies and marketers, to access and understand.

The real key, he said, will be to figure out what the most important conversations are and who is influencing them.

"Who is influencing the influencers," Stylman ponders.


There was also a good bit of debate between Stylman and Wieser on something dear to my heart: The implications for journalism.

"Is it good, or is it bad?," Stylman asked.

"It's bad," I said, rubbing my BlackBerry strained fingers. But then again, I'm a reactionary.

-30- My favorite thing that Josh Stylman said over lunch:

"There's something more imprtant going on here than the economics of this," Stylman said. "There is a cultural revolution going on," he said, that is changing who we are as people.


Talking about cross-platform, Josh Stylman said the industry often focuses on how online media picks up content from offline media.

"The inverse happens too. People talk about stuff online, and it gets picked up on TV and other media," Stylman said. "The classic example, is the plane crash in the Hudson."

"All it took, was that one dude with his camera phone."


Talking about the "Tw" prefixing of media:

"We're rebranding as Tweprise Media," Reprise's Iaffaldano quipped.

"You should rebrand yourself as TwediaPost," Wieser rejoinded, turning to me.


Social Media's Ad Application Hasn't Emerged Yet (So How Could It's Definition?)

That was a great insight offered by Reprise's Iaffaldano during lunch.

"There was never an ad that looked like a paid search ad before the paid search ad model emerge," he noted, adding that the future social media ad model likely won't look like anything we're currently familiar with.


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