"I Don't Think Social Media is Monetizeable"

That insight comes from Michael Lazerow, head of Buddy Media, a company that was founded to make money via social media.

The way he sees that happening, is by associating brands and marketers with what's going on with social media, but not with social media platforms -- networks like Facebook -- themselves.

So brian Wieser wonders "where the money is" for social media outlets. Lazerow doesn't necessarily think it's there from advertising. It's going to have to come from selling data, or "dating," or micropayment systems leveraging the connection of people on their pages.

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  1. Tim Tracey from, May 18, 2009 at 5 p.m.

    Social media has incredible potential for monetization. In fact, (prediction) in 5 years we'll marvel at how we got by with out the easy and convenient social economy that is destined to take advantage of our Web-connectedness.

    But to get there we need to develop new approaches that exploit the greatest assets of the social media model - personal connections and the ability to track interpersonal transactions.

    - - Tim

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