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Bartz Would Only Sell for "Big Boatloads of Money"

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz revealed that she would be willing to sell the entire company to Microsoft for the right price. Speaking at the D: All Things Digital conference in San Diego, Bartz said it would take "big boatloads of money" for her to sell Yahoo, although Microsoft sources tell Reuters that the software giant is no longer interested in an outright acquisition. Bartz added that discussions with Microsoft are ongoing over a possible search deal, which she said would also require "boatloads of money."

Meanwhile, Microsoft will unveil its new search engine at the All Things Digital conference tomorrow. Reuters notes that since the talks with Yahoo broke down last year, the software giant has gone after Yahoo's top engineers, like Qi Lu, who became head of Microsoft's online division in December, Sean Suchter, and Larry Heck.



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