TV Images In Tough Economic Times Feature Low-Rent Disguises

Times are tough these days; even bank robbers are cutting back.

One Lincoln, Nebraska thief used an empty beer box over his head as a disguise while he was robbing a convenience store.

It made for great TV, as well as a nice unauthorized product placement for Bud Light -- the 12-pack version. Police officials didn't know how much of a planned robbery this was -- or whether the cardboard mask was for comedic purposes.

The man didn't even bother altering his impromptu disguise much, using the holes in the box for his eyes to see out of.

This is to say that everyone needs to get their priorities in order. If you are looking for some video fun this summer -- and watching faces smashing into those big red balls on ABC's "Wipeout" doesn't do it for you -- just hang around your local convenience store's TV monitor and get a nice laugh. And then flee for the hills with your Slurpee.

The TV-video community is already heading in this direction, fostering shows made for these hard economic times.

Fox is considering "Someone's Gotta Go," where someone will be fired as part of a downsizing of a company. In another upcoming reality effort, CBS' "Undercover Boss" will have senior executives working undercover alongside some shiftless low-level employees -- who will get their just deserts.

If the economy gets any worse, look for other reality TV shows featuring backbiting, low morale, and firing at other institutions undergoing trying times -- like at TV networks, for instance.

This is not to say we shouldn't have compassion.

Even our Lincoln, Nebraska robber had some empathy in not being greedy. He didn't steal any beer, or even demand money from the store's cash register -- just some cigarettes.



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