JangoMail's New Feature Simplifies Transactional Email

Ajay Goel/JangoMailJangoMail on Tuesday will unveil a SMTP Relay feature that allows email marketers to connect to the JangoMail system via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, rather than the company's API. The feature offers a better reporting module for tracking email campaigns, according to Ajay Goel, the company's president.

The trackable SMTP Relay functionality works as an extension to JangoMail's Transactional Email platform. It provides users with open tracking, click tracking, and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) signing, as well as log files for confirmation of email delivery. The feature also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or any other desktop email client.

Burr Ridge, Ill. Comvigo President James Tanner called the SMTP Relay feature "unique" because companies using the tool can call the SMTP server through code via the Web, providing JangoMail with the information to include in the message. The benefit is that JangoMail takes control of the process and sends the information to the email recipients.

The SMTP Relay feature eliminates the need for Comvigo to have a dedicated email server. "Anyone with a software product or Web service can call JangoMail through code, without having to log into their interface," he says.

Comvigo, a privately owned Internet security company with about 4,000 customers in 70 countries, will integrate the JangoMail SMTP Relay feature into its IM Lock software product, which companies use to monitor blocked instant messages and filtered Internet content on desktops. The application generates a report, which JangoMail's SMTP Relay feature emails to the administrator.

Comvigo has code in the program that sends emails and attachments to the JangoMail server, which forwards it on to the recipient through the network administrator. Tanner says Comvigo wrote a Web Service, so if the email fails it calls the server to update settings in real time.

The company sends large volumes of emails. IM Lock supports about 80,000 computers. That means potentially emailing 80,000 updates daily. "We're expanding, too, and could potentially reach half a million desktops soon," Tanner says. "We're not an email company and don't want to learn how to manage that kind of volume, so JangoMail will handle it for us."


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