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Jackson's Death Causes Web Sites to Fail

Several Web sites faced problems immediately following the death of pop star Michael Jackson, as millions of Web users sought out information online as soon as the news broke. Not surprisingly, microblogging site Twitter was among them, receiving hundreds of thousands of tweets about the subject in a very short amount of time. As TechCrunch's MG Siegler says, "while I only got a couple actual Fail Whales, the site was really sucking wind for much of the hour that people were trying to get information about him."

Who else failed? According to Siegler, AOL-owned TMZ went down several times throughout the evening after initially breaking the news, as did Perez Hilton and The Los Angeles Times, which issued a report saying that Jackson was only in a coma rather then dead.

CNN also failed on two counts: its site went down after posting a story that Jackson was revived before going to the hospital.



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