How Well Does Retargeting Work In E-Tail?

  • July 16, 2009
FetchBack Thursday launched a new analytics suite that offers insights into the conversion cycle for e-tail. Research during the development of the tools revealed that nearly half of consumers return to retail sites quickly after being served retargeting ads.

They have found that in online electronics, retail, apparel, home and health, that on average, 42.9% of consumers returned to the retail site that generated the FetchBack-served retargeting ad -- and that was within the first hour of seeing the ad.

FetchBack's President and CEO says, "Knowing how quickly a prospect returns to an advertiser's site after viewing a retargeting ad, or how many impressions each prospect receives before converting is important information that allows advertisers to optimize their campaign."

FetchBack also offers other retargeting reports with information just as the number of impressions the average unique prospect received, how many impressions were shown before a customer returned to the advertiser's site, and the number of days it took a consumer to convert after seeing a retargeting ad, just to name a few. -- Amanda Domurad



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