iPhone Fever Spreads Across The Globe

The iPhone is increasingly going global. That's a key finding in the latest monthly metrics report from mobile ad network AdMob. An analysis by the company found that 54% of iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide in June were in the U.S., down from 61% in January. This signals that international adoption has picked up since then, although the U.S. still has by far the biggest proportion of users of any country.

The next-closest is the U.K., accounting for 7% of iPhone and touch users, followed by Germany (6%), France (5%), Canada (4%) and Australia (3%). Countries that represent huge potential markets include China, Russia and Brazil -- each with at least 1% share. Regionally, North America had 58% of iPhone/touch users, followed by Western Europe with 26%, and Asia with 7%.

In terms of actual device totals, that translates into about 13 million iPhones in the U.S. and 1 million apiece in European countries such as the U.K. and Germany. Apple, which reported third-quarter earnings Tuesday, said it has sold 45 million devices using the iPhone OS globally to date.



The company posted a 15% profit gain for the quarter, in which it sold seven times as many iPhones -- 5.2 million -- as in the year-ago period.

Among other highlights from the AdMob report, Google's Android in June for the first time surpassed Windows Mobile among smartphone operating systems in its share of ad impressions. Android increased its share to 5%, edging ahead of Windows Mobile's 4%. The iPhone OS and Apple, as a manufacturer, continued to dominate with a 47% share of smartphone impressions.

AdMob says it serves more than 7.1 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across more than 7,000 mobile sites and 2,500 applications worldwide.

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