Adcentricity Launches DO Consultancy

Adcentricity, which aggregates digital-out-of-home networks and assists media buyers with planning and execution of DO campaigns, is expanding its business to include consulting services for existing DO networks and businesses that are thinking about entering the arena. Headed by Graeme Spicer, Adcentricity's vice-president of strategic partnerships, the new consulting arm targets network operators, retailers, real estate owners, and prospective network developers who are looking for information and insight about the DO marketplace.

Rob Gorrie, the CEO of Adcentricity, explained: "We were fielding at least 10 calls a week from a variety of sources like investors and emerging networks asking for our advice on how to enter or expand in the DOOH market. We realized we needed to formalize the consulting offering as a practice area of our business." He added that the company's position as a network aggregator makes it especially well-qualified: "We have regular contact with more networks than any other organization."

Coming during a steep economic downturn, the high level of interest in DO is a good sign, suggesting the medium will make a strong comeback after the storm clouds finally clear. PQ Media, a media research firm, predicts that total DO revenues will drop 9.1% in 2009 followed by 12.8% growth in 2010. Meanwhile a relatively new industry organization, the Out-Of-Home Video Advertising Bureau, has formulated a baseline standard for DO audience measurement based on likelihood to see, which members hope will give DO metrics the transparency and accountability to compete with other media.

Of course, Adcentricity's consulting play probably isn't entirely selfless: by advertising itself as an authority on the market at large, the company is positioning itself to be the first point of contact for smaller networks, investors, and entrepreneurs. It's not hard to imagine Adcentricity leveraging these relationships to recruit more affiliates, building its reach while helping new networks get up to speed on best practices (like the OVAB recommendations for audience measurement).

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  1. Jeff Atley from ADCENTRICITY Inc., August 13, 2009 at 9:41 p.m.

    Correction: Revenues will actually increase 9.1% in 2009.

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