DOOH, Mobile Platforms Partner for Multiscreen Ad Delivery

Digital out-of-home and mobile advertising are a natural pairing, allowing advertisers to engage consumers on the go and near the point of purchase, while also offering more precise measurement through interactivity. Now mobile advertising platforms and digital out-of-home networks are integrating their products to allow real-time, real world, multiscreen ad delivery.

In one of the latest tie-ups, mobile advertiser Verve Mobile has formed a strategic partnership with Vistar Media, which operates over 100,000 digital screens across the U.S., to create a multiscreen, location-based marketing platform. The deal gives Vistar access to location data drawn from  Verve’s mobile ad platform, which will enable advertisers to deliver complementary video ad messages to consumers via multiple screens, with DOOH displays reinforcing mobile and vice versa.

The partners are rolling out two products: multiscreen geo-fencing, which gives advertisers the opportunity to buy all digital media within a designated area -- including, for example, all the DOOH screens and mobile inventory in the vicinity of one of their own stores (or a competitor’s). The second product, location-based audience buying, allows advertisers to target specific Verve users and then use Vistar’s “Real World Retargeting” technology to place ad messages on DOOH inventory in areas where those consumers are concentrated.

Vistar and Verve aren’t the only ones working to integrate out-of-home and mobile advertising. This week mobile ad platform xAd announced a partnership with out-of-home agency Posterscope, allowing advertisers to use xAd’s location data and “SmartFencing” (geofencing) capability to target mobile users who are in the vicinity of a Posterscope ad with additional ad messages, promotions, directions to a nearby store, and so on. Advertisers can also use xAd’s audience data to focus on the most likely consumers. The partners can then measure the actual impact of the ad messages through xAd’s Store Visitation Lift product.

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  1. Michael Massey from Clickit Digital, November 4, 2013 at 6:11 a.m.

    Smartfencing is an ideal product for fixed retail locations. Excited to see this innovation continuing.

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