• Beatpixels Brings DOOH To Checkout Dividers
    And here I thought I'd seen it all, with ads in the bottom of bins for personal belongings at airport security checkpoints. But I hadn't, as it turns out a British company called Beatpixels is bringing digital display ads to the dividers provided by supermarkets so customers can separate their purchases on the checkout conveyor belt. The product, called ADVider, is intended to replace those horribly "boring" plastic dividers supermarkets use now (thank goodness). Yes, you read that right -- and yes, it means ads are now officially everywhere.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Plans (Digital) Snowflake Spectacular
    Whether you're a permanent resident or a tourist passing through, one of the great joys of the New York City holiday season is strolling along Fifth Avenue, gawking at store displays filled with overpriced luxury goods, wondering when the revolution is going to come. Last year the experience was rendered even more whimsical thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue's "Snowflake Spectacular," a giant 3D animation projected on the side of the flagship store. Saks is doing it again this year with a second "Snowflake Spectacular," complemented by digital place-based installations in the store's famous holiday window displays.
  • JCDecaux, Google Launch Outdoor-Social Game
    Sometimes something comes along that spans so many media categories I don't even know how to describe it: I guess the best way to summarize JCDecaux's new partnership Google's Niantic Labs would be a "mobile, social, place-based, digital out-of-home, massively multiplayer immersive gaming experience." And I'm still not sure that quite covers it.
  • Health Insurer Taps SoloHealth
    Another big health insurance company, Health Care Service Corporation, has tapped SoloHealth to deliver marketing messages and healthcare information through its networks of interactive digital kiosks, the company's announced recently.
  • DOOH, Mobile Platforms Partner for Multiscreen Ad Delivery
    Digital out-of-home and mobile advertising are a natural pairing, allowing advertisers to engage consumers on the go and near the point of purchase, while also offering more precise measurement through interactivity. Now mobile advertising platforms and digital out-of-home networks are integrating their products to allow real-time, real world, multiscreen ad delivery. In one of the latest tie-ups, mobile advertiser Verve Mobile has formed a strategic partnership with Vistar Media, which operates over 100,000 digital screens across the U.S., to create a multiscreen, location-based marketing platform.
  • DPAA Bows First Multi-Network Campaign
    This week at the Video Everywhere Summit, the Digital Place-based Advertising Association shared the details of its first multi-network campaign, a pilot program conducted for the Tri-State Ford Dealers in the New York DMA, which generated increased reach and greater efficiency in the complementary TV advertising buy.
  • Digital Billboards Face More Opposition
    Digital billboards are a boon for the outdoor advertising companies who own them, allowing them to display multiple messages, adjust ad creative in mid-campaign, and charge advertising clients by daypart. But that doesn't mean they're necessarily popular with the people who live around them, as a quick survey of local debates over digital signage -- in cities and towns large and small, all around the U.S. -- will demonstrate.
  • AdSpace Gets Short-Form Video from NowThis News
    AdSpace Digital Mall Network has formed a partnership with NowThis News, giving the retail digital out-of-home network access to short-form video news content specifically tailored to Millennial consumers. Under the terms of the agreement, content from NowThis News will appear in 200 malls in the AdSpace network across top DMAs, reaching about 24 million viewers per week.
  • Big Week For Transit DOOH
    While the digital out-of-home space is always busy, this week transit-based DOOH took center stage with a flurry of new deals and products at home and abroad.
  • Gannett Spins Off Captivate
    Captivate Network, which operates digital displays in elevators in over 1,000 big office buildings across the U.S. and Canada, is being partially spun off by owner Gannett Co., which has partnered with private equity firm Generation Partners. Henceforth Captivate will be a separate company co-owned by Gannett and Generation.
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