• Former Discovery Boss Campbell to Akoo
    The migration of TV execs to digital out-of-home video networks may be resuming: this week brought the announcement that William M. Campbell III, a veteran broadcast and cable exec, is assuming the role of president at Akoo, which operates an interactive "social TV" network delivering music videos and related entertainment content to mall food courts, university dining halls, and other public places frequented by young adults.
  • GfK MRI Measures Place-Based Video
    GfK MRI, a media research firm, is getting into digital out-of-home video measurement. This week brought a new report on place-based video from GfK MRI indicating that 67.4 million U.S. adults -- or 29.6% of the country's adult population -- saw place-based video advertising in the last 30 days, including displays in stores, shopping malls, restaurants, medical offices, bars, airports or health clubs.
  • Premier Retail Networks Joins IPG's Emerging Media Lab
    For the last couple of years, Interpublic Group's Emerging Media Lab has been bringing together cutting-edge media technologies to showcase their possibilities for advertisers and agencies alike. And it only makes sense that digital out-of-home video -- one of the fastest-growing new media, with huge potential for innovation -- be well-represented at the EML. Now Premier Retail Networks, which operates digital video networks in big-box retailers including Wal-Mart, ShopRite and CostCo, is joining forces with EML to share what's happening on the avant-garde side of place-based media.
  • PRN and People.com Join Forces for Celebrity Videos
    People magazine's Web site, People.com, is bringing some of its premium online video content to big-box retail chains through a partnership with Premier Retail Networks, which operates an in-store digital video network in national retail outlets.
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