• Outcast Gets Fox News Content
    A new deal is bringing Fox News content to Outcast's PumpTop TV, a digital out-of-home network that delivers video content to displays in gas pumps. The exclusive partnership gives PumpTop TV access to daily news updates from Fox News, which will appear on its network of over 13,000 screens at gas stations nationwide.
  • Titan Helps Consumers Shop For Groceries On The Train
    OK, in this case the displays themselves aren't digital, but there's a digital component involving mobile interaction -- and the model employed by transit advertising company Titan and Internet emporium Peapod, enabling commuters to do on-the-go grocery shopping, is neat enough to bear a closer look.
  • rVue Launches New DOOH Verification Tool
    During the last few weeks, DOOH networks and technology providers have launched a flurry of DOOH analytics tools. The latest new product comes from rVue Inc., which unveiled a new verification technology to provide real-time analytics across digital out-of-home networks, regardless of the player technology employed.
  • More DOOH Companies Tap Intel AIM for Measurement
    Intel's Audience Impression Metrics Suite is on a roll, with multiple digital out-of-home video companies tapping the new service for audience measurement in recent weeks. The latest is DS-IQ, which announced that it is incorporating AIM into its Retail Media Platform.
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