• Vegas Airport Gets Interactive
    If endless rows of slot machines aren't your thing, you're in luck: Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport is installing interactive digital signage that allows you to spend a few minutes actually, like, learning something useful without having to throw five $20 bills down the drain.
  • More DOOH Spend Coming from Digital, Online Budgets
    While some big digital out-of-home networks have vowed to win money from TV budgets, digital and online budgets are about as common a source for DOOH spending as TV budgets -- and their share is growing fast, while TV is dwindling, according to a new survey of 1,761 strategic media planners conducted by the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association in May and released this week.
  • Retail DOOH Heats Up
    The digital out-of-home space is growing fast, and retail-based networks may be the fastest-growing part of it, judging by the number of deals in recent weeks.
  • Giant, Half-Naked Beckham Stalks England
    It's either a dream come true or a nightmare, depending on your feelings about David Beckham in his skivvies. This week huge images of the soccer player modeling underwear were stalking England's green and pleasant land, thanks to a spectacular digital out-of-home promotion that saw them projected onto the famous white chalk Cliffs of Dover.
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