• Visix, Rave Partner for Multi-Platform Campus Safety Alerts
    While marketers typically fret about the optimal way to allocate their budgets across different media, when it comes to public safety there's really only one way to go: flood the zone. With that in mind, digital signage software provider Visix has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety, in effect creating a multi-platform safety alert system for college campuses that combines digital out-of-home and mobile channels.
  • NYC Gets DOOH Overhaul
    New Yorkers, prepare yourselves for a surge of digital out-of-home video displays in public spaces in the not-too-distant future. This wave of DOOH is coming to New York City courtesy of public agencies and private companies working in tandem.
  • NYC MTA Wants Help With DOOH Advertising
    The nation's largest public transit agency is seeking expressions of interest from potential digital out-of-home advertising partners as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency's creation of a network of interactive customer information kiosks, called "On the Go!" Travel Stations.
  • Subway Unveils Digital Signage Network
    Subway locations across the world will be joining a digital signage network, called Subway TV & Radio, courtesy of a deal between Real Digital Media and the Independent Purchasing Cooperative, which represents independent Subway franchises.
  • Hospital TV Network Launches
    Patients and their families are a favorite target audience for digital out-of-home video networks, and this week brought a new player in the form of Aceso's Hospital TV Network, or HTV for short. HTV will deliver content focused on healthy lifestyles, entertainment, and learning -- along with targeted advertising -- to hospital common and waiting areas. It functions as an extension of UpCare, a digital video network also operated by Aceso, which engages patients in their hospital rooms.
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