• Gas Station TV Adds Sunoco Venues
    This week brought another big tie-up in the digital out-of-home arena, with the announcement that Sunoco Inc. has selected Gas Station TV as the exclusive provider of digital video displays showing news, entertainment, and advertising.
  • Outcast/PumpTop Bow Lotto Promo
    California, vying for the title of brokest state in the Union, is getting a boost for its lottery promotion from Outcast and PumpTop TV, which are helping reach consumers at one of the main points of purchase for lotto tickets -- gas stations. The new product, Lotto Live, is promoting the Mega Millions lotto with new technology that allows the DO network to deliver real-time updates on the lotto jackpot.
  • New Service Simplifies DO Content Creation
    As the digital out-of-home medium continues to grow dramatically, a number of companies have introduced business strategies and services intended to simplify DO for advertisers, making it easier to aggregate networks and scale up advertising buys to reach more consumers on the go. Now the trend is expanding to include content creation, with a new service from X20 Media that promises to help advertisers and network operators produce slick-looking ads with a minimum of effort.
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