• DO Network Polls Teens, Predicts Obama Landslide
    In a poll that has correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since it began running in 1992, classroom video news network Channel One has Barack Obama trouncing John McCain by a 17-point margin, with 58.5% of the vote to McCain's 41.5%.
  • The Future Is Here: Get Ready To Be Augmented
    Last week, Interpublic's vaunted Emerging Media Lab announced a partnership with a promising new "augmented reality" technology that will enable marketers to integrate their brands by merging virtual, 3D elements into real, on-the-fly video programming. The deal with augmented reality application developer Total Immersion initially is intended to explore ways of integrating the technology into digital out-of-home media, but as TI CEO Bruno Uzzan explains in the following Q&A, the plan ultimately is to take augmented reality into every screen, and any form of content -- from marketing and entertainment to healthcare, education and maybe even pornography.
  • In Week Of New Launches, Financial Calamity Claims A DO Victim
    The digital out-of-home video business has proved more resilient than most, as place-based video networks continue to launch new services and extensions -- with three new initiatives this week alone. But the ongoing credit crunch seems to have claimed its first casualty, as well.
  • When Ads on a Bus Go Round and Round, Round and Round, Round and Round
    Passengers boarding the M23 bus along 23rd street in Manhattan are likely to get a jolt in the next several weeks as the likeness of James Bond star Daniel Craig seemingly comes to life and approaches them with an automatic weapon from the side of the bus. The digital video image, part of the first ever use of digital advertising displays mounted on the side of a major city transit system, is one of the executions being conceived by a creative team working to promote the upcoming release of the next Bond thriller "Quantum of Solace" on a new digital …
  • Out-of-Home Goes Online
    Everything needs an acronym, so maybe we should call this "OOHO" -- the combination of out-of-home and online platforms, which have surged in popularity over the last year. The most recent entrant is ON Networks, which announced earlier this week that it has created a multiscreen video distribution network reaching over 100 million viewers in the U.S. and Europe with syndicated TV shows and accompanying advertising.
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