• More Social Media Coming To Digital Signage
    With more and more people accessing social media sites from mobile devices, and technology allowing easier interaction between mobile devices and digital signage, it only makes sense to close the loop by bringing social media to digital signage. Recent months have seen a series of new social media-digital signage mash-ups from innovative digital signage manufacturers, with the latest coming from X2O Media of Montreal.
  • Amid Leadership Woes, HP's Digital Signage Shines (Literally)
    It's no secret that all is not well at HP, as a fickle board of directors gives CEO Leo Apotheker his walking papers after just 11 months on the job, and former eBay boss Meg Whitman steps into the top spot. But it would be too bad if the well-publicized turmoil in the company's top ranks overshadowed its continued technological innovation, including in digital signage, where its new products are lowering prices (and the barrier to entry) for digital out-of-home advertising networks.
  • Interactive Signs Promote TV Shows, Safety
    Part of the appeal of digital out-of-home signs is their potential for interactivity, which can be used to catch the attention of passersby in ways that static signs just can't. This week brought news of two new campaigns employing interactive DOOH signage to break through the visual clutter of everyday life.
  • Access1 Media Brings Political Polling To DOOH
    Politics seems to permeate all areas of American life, and now that's even more true thanks to Access1 Media, a Fort Worth, Tex.-based digital out-of-home media company which is bringing political polling and messaging to kiosks around the country. The Access1 kiosks will help disseminate a candidate's message as well as capture real-time accurate poll results during political campaigns.
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