• Intel Intros DO For Fashion Retail
    Intel has unveiled a new digital out-of-home product for the retail environment, the Retail Interactive Fashion Experience, which allows shoppers to scroll through a particular store's inventory of clothing and accessories. The product is part of Intel's "Connected Store" concept, combining place-based digital displays with email and social functionality.
  • Greening Up: Digital Billboards Now Use Less Energy
    Digital billboards are using significantly less energy, on average, than they were four years ago, according to an analysis by the Louis Berger Group. That's good news for the digital out-of-home industry, since high energy consumption (which can result in excess heat, requiring even more energy for cooling) has been one of the main complaints leveled at the burgeoning medium by its critics. It could also make DO more appealing for advertisers by reducing costs, and for billboard owners by boosting profitability.
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