• JiWire Gets Nielsen Data
    Another digital out-of-home video network is augmenting its audience targeting capability with data from a "name-brand" researcher: on Wednesday JiWire, which delivers Web video advertising to Internet users on the go through public Wi-Fi systems, announced a deal giving it access to a wealth of local market data by Nielsen Claritas.
  • Sprint Goes To Movies, Loiters In Lobbies
    Sprint is mounting a multi-part cinema advertising campaign this summer, with what might be termed "broad" and "narrow" components. The "broad" part, which invites cinema-goers to rate (or "r8," in textois) the movies they see, is intended to reach as many people as possible to promote the new Palm Pre. Meanwhile the "narrow" part targets cinema-goers who are already Sprint subscribers with a loyalty program that rewards them with coupons for free upgrades at the concession stand.
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