• Barnes & Noble Plans College DO Network
    Barnes & Noble College Booksellers is joining forces with Scentsa Media Networks to create a new digital signage network comprising 1,000 screens in over 400 out of B&N's total 624 college bookstores. The B&N College Bookstore Media Network will provide advertisers with opportunities to reach college students near the point of purchase with live, high-definition media streams showing content tailored for the college audience, including videos, news briefs, sports, local weather, and university updates.
  • DPAA Gets Three New Members
    he digital out-of-home market is growing by leaps and bounds, and the trend is reflected in the industry's trade organization's expanding membership. This week the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association announced three new members: PlaceWise Media, DOmedia, and Ayuda Media Systems, bringing the total number of members to 31.
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