• Clear Channel Runs 9/11 PSA on Times Square Billboard
    Clear Channel Communications has partnered with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum organization to raise awareness (and funds) for the memorial with a series of public service announcements which will run on its "Spectacolor SpecHD" digital billboard in Times Square, as well as on static and digital display surfaces around New York City and the metropolitan area. Clear Channel Outdoor will be joined by CBS Outdoor, Cemusa, Titan, and Van Wagner for the outdoor portion of the campaign.
  • DOOHgood Helps African Famine Victims
    With its proven ability to deliver brief, compelling messages to consumers on the go, digital out-of-home is a powerful tool for advertisers -- but also recommends itself for charitable causes seeking to raise awareness about urgent social causes. In this vein, a dozens of DOOH networks have banded together to create a collective, DOOHgood, to help nonprofits get their messages out by donating free, unsold ad space and producing video spots.
  • Twitter Comes to DOOH
    Digital out-of-home and Twitter have a lot in common: they are both relatively new media platforms, enabled by technological advances, whose audience continues to grow by leaps and bounds. So why not put them together? That's the thinking behind a new offering from Visix, Inc., a digital signage software provider, which recently unveiled a "Twitter Board" and "Twitter Bulletin" among its new DOOH options and creative services.
  • Cisco Gets Into DOOH
    One of the world's largest tech companies has identified digital out-of-home as a growth industry, and it wants in. This week saw Cisco unveil its new Enterprise Content Delivery System, which should make it easier to manage video content across a variety of platforms, execs said, while eliminating commons problems like delays in video playback, video interruptions, and pixilation.
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