• The Whole World Is Interactive
    At MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home Forum and Expo Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Schematic, addressed DOH's "evil cookie" and looked to a future where every screen just wants to be played with.
  • The 'Clickthrough' Of Digital Out-of-Home
    The other day, I wrote a story for MediaPost's MediaDailyNews reporting on a new service digital out-of-home advertising aggregator Adcentricity announced that will add a suite of mobile applications, plug-ins, and enhancements to place-based media buys. The move is significant, not simply because it will bring scale and ease-of-use to the rapidly converging mobile and out-of-home media marketplaces, but because it recognizes the inherent synergies between the two location-based forms of media.
  • Ford Goes To The Movies
    A new cinema ad campaign from Ford is testimony to some important trends in marketing and media during a recession, including the continued need for advertising, the relative vigor of the movie industry, and the sustained growth of digital out-of-home video. Indeed, while Ford may be in trouble, DOOH seems to be doing rather nicely, all things considered.
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