• L.A. City Council To Vote On Stricter Billboard Law
    Under pressure from Los Angeles voters to present a workable revision of the city's billboard law, on Thursday the Los Angeles Planning Commission agreed on a new, stricter version of the law that will now go to the City Council for a vote. The proposed revision will prohibit the introduction of new digital billboards almost everywhere except for 21 special "sign districts" around the city. The law also restricts supergraphics -- giant vinyl signs that can be applied to the sides of buildings.
  • NCM Buys Nielsen TV Data
    National CineMedia is expanding its data pool with television advertising schedules from Nielsen, allowing the cinema ad network to conduct cross-media comparisons of television and cinema advertising effectiveness when it courts media planners and buyers. So does this big investment mean NCM is coming after TV ad budgets? Well, yes and no.
  • Recession? What Recession?
    The digital out-of-home marketplace has been hit by the same economics that are impacting other industries, and we've already seen some pretty high-profile failures. But I for one am optimistic about the medium, both near- and long-term, even if there is some shakeout in the short run. That's because digital out-of-home is fulfilling an intrinsic need for all its stakeholders -- advertisers, agencies, content creators, and yes, even consumers -- by providing relevant media, in relevant locations, and at relevant times.
  • PRN Does Ad Sales For Other Networks
    Premiere Retail Networks is expanding the scope of its business, taking on ad sales responsibilities for in-store video networks that aren't part of its own national network reaching over 6,400 retail locations. In addition to opening up new possibilities for PRN, the move may signal a trend towards more deals for cross-property ad sales in the digital out-of-home space in general.
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