• Boston MBTA Installs Wicked-Huge Digital Signage
    Beantown commuters will be treated to a spectacular digital out-of-home experience beginning in January, when two digital screens, both measuring 17.7 feet wide and 10 feet tall, go live on the concourse at Boston's busy South Station -- the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's largest train station and intercity bus terminal, and a main stop on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.
  • Access Sports Media Adds Social Integration
    Some activities are made for social media integration, and spectator sports are high on the list: team loyalties are inherently communal, and fans celebrate (and commiserate) together in stadiums, sports bars, at home -- and now online. With this in mind, Access Sports Media is offering advertisers a variety of social media integrations through a new service called Access Sports Connect, which gives them the ability to feature their brands in the social and mobile marketing messages of professional sports teams nationwide -- promotions that can also be oordinated with messages on Access Sports' digital out-of-home network in sports venues, …
  • Air Travelers Get More Content Choices
    The flying experience will be getting somewhat less heinous -- for some travelers, at least -- thanks to a new digital place-based media offering from Clear Channel Airports. The product, ClearVision, allows travelers to choose video content from a variety of publishers for consumption on their mobile devices via airport-based WiFi as well as via place-based TV networks in airports.
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